Oct 1, 2012
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Make employee monitoring as easy as it gets by using an android spy app

I don’t think there will be any praise left to be made if I tell you that Android phones are the most widely used smartphones around the world. The popularity of Android phones is because of its amazing features and pretty reasonable prices. With businesses nowadays providing their employees with smartphones for office use, Android phones are preferred by a lot of employers. Unfortunately, these employers fail to keep track of the cell phone usage of their employees and get frustrated later on. An Android spy app can indeed help the employers out in similar situations.

What does StealthGenie do?

An Android spy app StealthGenie turns out to be a great help for employers by spying on the cell phone of their employees for them. This amazing app gets downloaded in your employee’s cell phone within minutes and does not even disrupt any features of their cell phone. StealthGenie works quietly inside the Android phone of your employee and provides you with all the data in their cell phone. This app works well with Motorola, Samsung, Google and other Android phones with an operating system of 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0.

Call records:

Obviously if you have provided your employees with a cell phone, then they are bound to make calls from it. StealthGenie provides employers with records of all the incoming and outgoing calls of their employees. This helps them determine how many calls their employees make other than for official use.

GPS location and contact details:

Employers are provided trace of the precise GPS location of their employees whenever they want to. This helps them determine where their employees wander around during working hours. You are even provided with details of all the contact numbers present in the Android phone of your employees.

Record surroundings:

The most priced feature of StealthGenie is the “Live Surroundings” feature. With the help of this feature, employers can record the surrounding sounds of their employee’s cell phone whenever they want to.

Walking downhill:

Previously keeping any eye on your employees was tougher than climbing ‘Mount Everest’. With the help of an Android spy app StealthGenie, this steep climbing becomes as easy as walking downhill.

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