Mar 15, 2013
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So How Well Versed Are You With Staff Monitoring?

Staff monitoring is a must-have for both large and small organizations, call it a precaution, call it a rudimentary measure, it is something that you just cannot take for granted.

Not Even Bridgestone is Safe

Bridgestone is a big name, and one of their scientists Dr. Wang used his status to steal valuable trade secrets. Dr Wang worked at Bridgestone for 10 years, and upon his termination in the April of 2010, he stole secret information concerning a project titled “Project 610”.

Now that’s a big deal, stealing vital information on a work in progress project can have serious implications, if that information got into the hands of a competitor they would be able to copy/improve the project and that would make Bridgestone lose their advantage. It’s even more destructive than stealing money, as ideas and technology are what generate money.

Staff Monitoring Solutions

There are the standard monitoring solutions that most businesses employ; they include security cameras, computer monitoring, and the standard logs, recorded telephone conversations and all that. However, problem is that a lot of the thefts are committed using cell phones. That’s the most common and the easiest method of information theft.

Simply snap a picture and send it or share it on the internet or better yet just text the details of a secret project the company is working on. Moreover, forget stealing information for a second, another reason for monitoring employees arises when they go outside the workplace on a business meeting or for procurement of goods, sales call, and similar activities. That is the time when employees make full use of their ‘freedom’ from the boss and slack off.

That’s where you need a mobile staff monitoring solution, so that you are able to track your employees, where they go, whether or not they are sharing secretive information with others, help stop prototype pictures from going viral (everyone knew what the iPhone 5 looked like even before it was released, thanks to cell phone cameras) and to give hard evidence in court.

Phoggi is a smart phone application that can help you do all that, it stays hidden so employees won’t be able to disable or delete it. It gives a detailed log that has ample history so that if the employer feels suspicious of an employee, they can go through their cell phone via Phoggi and analyse whether or not their suspicion stands true.

So what do you think? Would you go with mobile staff monitoring? Or can you handle your employees without it?

Feb 1, 2013
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A Cell spy app to help you meet all your needs

Children are cute and lovely and everyone loves them. In fact, parents continue to love their children even when they have grown up. The hardest time in the life of a person is the few years during their teenage where they actually require a lot of attention from their parents. This is the time when many children tend to deviate from the correct path and get stuck up in sinful acts. A cell spy app turns out to be a great help for parents at such a time by helping them keep a close eye on the activities of their kids.

Why Would You Need Phoggi?

To ensure a bright future for your kids, parents dearly require the help of a cell spy app Phoggi. This app discreetly works in the background of your child’s cell phone without letting anyone know about it. Phoggi covers very little space inside your kid’s cell phone and you must not worry about any feature of their phone getting disrupted during installation.

Unlimited Access:

Taking even less than five minutes of your time, Phoggi gets downloaded inside the cell phone of your child. You need to start your voyage with this cell spy app by signing-up for an account with them first. Once you have received your personal log-in details, you simply need those details to gain unlimited access to all the data that is present inside their cell phone.

Compatible Phones:

Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, Dell, hTC, Motorola, Acer and other Android phones work brilliantly alongside Phoggi, Even BlackBerry phones running on OS 5.0 or above as well as iPhone models running on OS 4.0 or above are perfectly suitable with this spy app.

Web Access:

All the e-mail messages of children as well as their entire web browsing history are provided to parents with the help of Phoggi. Parents even get to view all the pages bookmarked by their children.

Phone Data:

All the videos, audio files and pictures stored inside your child’s cell phone are shown to you with the help of Phoggi. Parents even get to view complete details of all the contact numbers stored inside their kid’s cell phone.

A Modest Offer:

This cell spy app fits perfectly to the needs of all parents. Apart from this, it does not put much load on their pockets. What else can you get for a price as modest as $5.50 a month?

Jan 18, 2013
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How A Reliable iPhone Spying Software Help You Safeguard Their Kids

Do you know how technology has helped us? It has made things grow simple for us. Whether it’s a cup of coffee you need or want to mow your lawn, nothing can do it right for you if it doesn’t have the technological touch in it.

Similarly, tech helps us grow stronger and vigilant to the extent that you can even monitor your kids’ mobile phones. if you feel they could be surrounded by danger, let the cell phone monitoring application be your guide.

Ever heard of an iPhone spying software before?

Being a parent puts you in a place where it belongs understandable to feel protective towards your kids. Since keeping a track of your kids’ cell phone activities isn’t feasible otherwise, you can easily do so by installing a cell phone monitoring application onto their phones and get instant updates on every activity that takes place in real-time.

We don’t call being protective towards your kids spying; we call it being protective about their security.

Heard about iPhone spying software?

If you’re kids have an iPhone, an iPhone spying software application will be compatible with their phones. This application supports iPhones only.

The best application in the field would be Phoggi. Why Phoggi? Because, Phoggi is reliable, Phoggi is discreet, and Phoggi isn’t expensive at all! These are one of those three biggest attributes that makes it different from the competitors

You can view the entire phone activity just like going through it manually.

How Phoggi Can Help You?

Phoggi iPhone spy software can help you safeguard your kids in numerous ways. In case you fail to take notice, you might lose a lot.

Here are a few ways how Phoggi can help you with:

  • If your child is being bullied at school, you’d be able to find out even if they don’t tell you about it.
  • If your child is facing harassment, you can stop it and keep your kids protected.
  • Stop them from leaping towards ill habits such as drugs, smoking or even gambling.
  • Keep them under your virtual watch 24/7 and stop them from being abducted.
  • Keep them off limits from wrong kind of people.
  • Horrors of cybercrimes and porn addiction.

Phoggi helps you monitor SMS, calls, internet browsing and GPS tracking as well as checking their web history and tracing them via GPS.

This iPhone spy software charges you one time with $64.99 a year and lets you enjoy an undisturbed monitoring.

Jan 8, 2013
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Why Carefully Choosing Mobile Tracker Software Is Important?

Choosing mobile tracker software is more important that many think. What most people don’t realize that some faulty software can actually put their repute at stake. So take due time and read well about any tracker software you find interesting before buying it. But independent reviews are the best source.

Mobile Tracker Software:

Installing mobile tracker software on any smartphone will let you monitor all data stored on that phone remotely. You can monitor using any web enabled device logging in to the account that you will be assigned by the software company.

StealthGenie- The Choice of Many:

StealthGenie is a way better tracker as compared to the other ones in this price range. You get some really solid features along with lucrative after-sale services. As I have tested it myself, I can confidently say that it really works. I found no bugs in StealthGenie and that’s why, like me, more than 100,000 people are using StealthGenie.

StealthGenie in Focus:

Here is a brief description about StealthGenie and its features, prices, packages and more.


StealthGenie came up with some exclusive features that really created a stir in market. That’s why most people preferred StealthGenie because it offered maximum features. Some of the features include:

  • Reading SMS, calls and chats (sent and received)
  • Recording calls and phone surroundingsViewing pictures and videos
  • Checking web browser history and bookmarks
  • Tracking GPS location and location history
  • Receiving alerts on trigger words and contacts along with SIM changes
  • Remotely backing up and deleting data and locking phone
  • Monitoring WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail app

Price and Packages:

The minimum cost for monitoring any smartphone a month is $8- too low, I know. StealthGenie has three packages that you can choose from:

· Platinum ($16/ month)

· Gold ($13/ month)

· Basic ($08/ month)

You can subscribe these packages for three, six or twelve months.

Other Features:

It has to be kept in mind that StealthGenie supports only Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. So you can install StealthGenie on any of these smartphones running on any OS.

StealthGenie mobile tracker software will indeed save you from the hassle of changing tracker after every two months because it would surely work. Whether you are worried about your kids’ safety, want to know the reason of their failing grades, worried about them abusing drugs or want to keep a tight monitoring control on your employees to check if they misuse office resources, sneak from office during office times- StealthGenie is one solution that is totally fool-proof!

Jan 4, 2013
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Catching Up With Technology: WhatsApp Android Spy is the ‘In’ Thing!

Do you use some spy app to monitor Android phone usage of your kids? Monitoring their SMS, calls, web history and locations? Say hello to the new trends in cell phone monitoring- WhatsApp Android spy  software is the happening thing!

Why Spy WhatsApp?

Your ordinary cell phone spy can no longer monitor everything your kids do using Android. With apps like WhatsApp that are free to send and receive messages and media files can cause issues if you don’t take them into your net of monitoring. WhatsApp is a widely used app because it can be installed on any Android, iPhone or BlackBerry phones and the users can share unlimited messages and media files using internet.

Has Your Phone Spy App Got this Feature?

Odds are that it doesn’t. Not all cell phone spy apps have this feature aw yet and therefore you’d have to research a lot. Out of the handful apps that do have this features, I found StealthGenie to have better WhatsApp Android spy features. the reason why I prefer StealthGenie over other such apps is that along with WhatsApp spying you get features that no other spy app com[any offers like trigger alerts and iMessage spying. So you get a complete package at an economical price.

WhatsApp Spying with StealthGenie:

StealthGenie gives you a detailed spying experience. You can read and view every detail related to all messages and media files. But first, you would need to secretly install StealthGenie on your kids’ Android phones. After that you can remotely everything that your kids do using their phones. You can log their calls, text messages, web history, e-mails, appointments and gallery files in addition to the WhatsApp monitoring. You can remotely:

  • Read all text messages sent and received
  • View name and number of sender and receiver
  • Check time and date stamps
  • Read all group chats
  • View pictures, videos and audio files

This way your kids can’t hide anything even if they are using WhatsApp to send messages across that they might fear would land them into trouble if you got to know about it somehow. They might even be in contact with drug dealers and all kinds of inappropriate people. Or worse still, they could be exchanging obnoxious videos and pictures with their friends. To avoid all these things from happening in the first place or getting worse, you need to monitor them from every perspective and WhatsApp is an important app to be monitored.

So keep a tough eye on your kids with WhatsApp Android spy but make sure its StealthGenie or else there is no guarantee that it will work. Buy StealthGenie today!

Dec 26, 2012
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Getting To Know How Spy iPhone Software Apps Works

If you’re a parent with an iPhone, chances are you’d be hardly having the chance to use it. Why? Primarily, because your kids will be having THEIR fun using YOUR Phone!

Let’s face it kids love iPhone. Not just because of the popular “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” mantra, iPhones is all about fascinating games, exciting applications and to cut it short, it sure offers the best time killing means.

However, letting your kids use an iPhone without a watchful eye on them isn’t something you, as a parent can afford. Apart from the risk of them charging you for your iTunes account, you can’t rule out incidents that can harm the security or well-being of your kids.

What you don’t know about your kids

What if your daughter Sally is seeing a wrong guy? What is Allen is into cocaine or views adult content online? She’s 17 only and Maggy’s boyfriend is making her drive his car?? These are perhaps a few among those endless concerns parents have pertaining to their kids. If you think there is no way you can actually put an end to these worries, then you most probably don’t know about cell phone spy software apps.

Getting to know how an iPhone spy software

However, there are many names in the market, but only a reliable and potent application can be of the help you need. StealthGenie iPhone spy software  is one problem solving application that will settle all the issues concerning your kids’ safety and mobile phone use.

Being a tiny application, similar to any other mobile application, you can install it on your own iPhone, or if you kid has one of their own. Once installed, it keeps recording and uploading information from the target phone and maintains a record for you online within its password-protected user login area. It hardly takes two minutes to install, depending on how fast your internet connection is. Staying up-to-date on the technology for parents isn’t really as easy as pouring tea in their morning cup. You need to be with-it and informed about how these smartphones work and any technical mumbo-jumbo that might be helpful to understand the working of these tech gadgets is substantive.

Spying if fun as well as safe With StealthGenie:

Your spying experience can be a whole lot fun as well as secure, thanks to StealthGenie. You have every right to know what is going on in your kids’ lives and stay aware of possibly any harm that might hit them before they know it.

Since, it’s invisible; StealthGenie isn’t detected within the phone. Neither your kids will ever get a hunch of being monitored 24/7, nor they will ever be able to hide things from you.

StealthGenie iPhone spy software offers the following features that make your monitoring experience effective and beneficial to you:

  • Read SMS, emails and chat messages
  • Listen to calls and record calls for future reference
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Track your kid’s geo location
  • View their internet browsing history
  • View phone contacts, pictures, music and video files
  • Remotely control the application
  • Set trigger alerts for sms, calls and emails
  • Get instant notifications for any activity that takes place

With these features, imagine the power you get for spying on your kid’s iPhone activities and know of every known or unknown thing hidden behind curtains.

To put it shortly, StealthGenie is a highly recommended iPhone spy software.

Nov 30, 2012
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An Iphone Spying App; A Simple And Harmless Tool For Your Kid’s Safety

An iPhone should not be considered as a simple smartphone. I personally rate it as a hi-fi gadget after which people are simply mad about. Parents are pretty upset because of the popularity of iPhone handsets amongst teenagers because they believe that these smartphones have almost ended all the physical activities of their children. An iPhone spying app by the name of StealthGenie helps parents in controlling the excessive usage of an iPhone by their child, by spying on their kid’s iPhone.

How does StealthGenie Work?

A spy app StealthGenie works brilliantly with all the iPhone models running on an operating system of 4.0 or above. This includes all the latest iPhone models including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. This app takes less than 5 minutes to get downloaded in your kid’s cell phone and provides you with all the data present inside their phone. No one ever gets to know about the presence of this app in their cell phone and no feature of your kid’s cell phone is disturbed during or after installation.

How to Start?

To start your proceedings with StealthGenie, you must be connected to the internet. Go online and the first thing that you need to do is to register for an account with this iPhone spying app. After this you must download this app in your kid’s cell phone. Now the only thing that you need is a User ID and password that StealthGenie has provided you with. Use these details and you will be able to access the entire cell phone data of your children anytime and from anywhere in the world.

SMS Messages:

Parents are provided with all the SMS messages that are stored in the Inbox, Drafts and the Sent Box of their child’s cell phone. You are also provided with all the messages that your child might have deleted from their cell phone.

Live Surroundings:

A feature of StealthGenie known as ‘Live surroundings’ helps parents in recording all the sounds that are surrounding the cell phone of their kid. This is one of the most popular features of StealthGenie.

A Sweet Dream:

What better help can you get other than an iPhone spying app to keep an eye on your kids? Providing all its services for a price as low as $8.33 a month is nothing less than a parent’s sweetest dream.

Nov 12, 2012
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Keep your child away from drugs; use a mobile phone monitoring app

Monitoring your children with the intention of getting the best for them is nothing bad. Teenage is the time when children need the most stringent of supervision from their parents as this is the time when your child is most likely to end up on the wrong side of things. I am sure no parent would want to see their child doing drugs or other illegal things. A mobile phone monitoring app can help parents out at this crunch time by keeping their kids in front of their eyes at all times.

The best help:

A mobile phone monitoring app StealthGenie is the best help that parents can get. This app works best with all the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models. BlackBerry Bold, Pearl and other models work well alongside StealthGenie as well. Even Android phones with OS 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0 work great with StealthGenie.

How does StealthGenie work?

You simply need to download this app in your child’s mobile phone. After that this mobile phone monitoring app will run in the back of your child’s phone without letting your child even know about it. No feature of your child’s mobile phone gets disturbed during this installation. Simply use the Log-in ID and password that you are provided with by StealthGenie and gain access to the entire mobile phone data of your child whenever you want to.

Phone data and browsing history:

Parents get to view all the pictures, videos and audio files present in their child’s mobile phone with the help of StealthGenie. You are even provided with the entire web browsing history of your child with StealthGenie’s help.

Call records:

Records of all the calls made to and from the cell phone of children are provided to you by this mobile phone monitoring app. StealthGenie lets parents know about the exact time and the complete duration of each and every call.

More popular:

StealthGenie is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. To know more about the performance of this mobile phone monitoring app, you must take a look at the StealthGenie reviews at least once. These reviews discuss the first-hand experiences of many users with StealthGenie. The success story of StealthGenie is easily briefed to you once you find out that more than 95% of the reviews are in favor of StealthGenie.

Nov 1, 2012
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Now every parent can monitor their child using a parental monitoring app

Parents must keep an eye on their kids at all times. Teenage is a time when your child is witnessing a few things in their life for the very first time. If parents fail to keep their child under check during this time, then I am afraid they might regret being a bad parent for the rest of their life. Children want to discover the world on their own and they hate any intervention by their parents in their activities. A parental monitoring app can help parents stay up-to-date with their child’s activities without arising any conflict between them and their child.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a one such app that works quietly inside the cell phone of your child and does not let anyone know about it. You don’t even need to worry about any feature of your child’s cell phone getting disturbed during the installation of StealthGenie in their cell phone. This monitoring app works well with all the latest BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phones.

No issues:

This parental monitoring app is really user-friendly and you don’t really face any issue using it. In case you do get any issue, you can always call the 24/7 StealthGenie customer support and get your queries sorted out in no time whatsoever. To get started with StealthGenie, you need to start first by signing up for an account with them. Next you must download StealthGenie in your child’s cell phone. With all this done, you will be required to log-in with a User ID and password provided to you by StealthGenie to gain access to all the data inside your child’s cell phone as and when you wish to.

SMS messages:

If parents get to monitor the SMS messages usage of their children, they can know a great deal about their child’s communications. StealthGenie provides parents with all the SMS messages saved in the Inbox, Sent Box and even the Drafts of their child’s cell phone.

GPS tracking:

This feature of StealthGenie provides parents with the precise GPS location of their children whenever they want to. This literally helps parents keep an eye on their kids.

A confidence booster:

A parental monitoring app helps the parents fulfill their parental responsibilities and gives them their confidence back that they had lost long ago. Now every parent can stay updated with their child’s activities whenever they want to and from anywhere in the world.

Oct 25, 2012
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To Spy Or Not To Spy On Cell Phone?

Cell phones- both stupid and smart- are the need of the hour and with the advent of smartphone technology, your whole world has squeezed into a handy gadget. It keeps you connected with your friends and family, it lets you have information on anything under the sun and it keeps your world organized. But the question that the playwright maestro once posed still persists but in a different way: to spy or not to spy on cell phone?

Frankly, this is the question of choice but if you have a bunch of unruly kids or lazy employees, you better should spy on them. Not that that you become a spying agent and resort to the espionage tactics; the solution is plain simple- use some spying app to spy on cell phone of your kids or employees.

Recently we have come across a brilliant app to spy on cell phone that has both sophistication and cutting-edge technology- StealthGenie. We got really excited to find out that the app runs in the background of the target phone and cannot be uninstalled without your consent. There were a few features that we never heard of before: trigger alerts.

Genie’s Exclusive Feat:

StealthGenie has introduces some exclusive features and no doubt, they are attracting maximum clients. For example you have a hunch that your employee is leaking some important company info to your rivals but you can’t possibly catch him red handed because he’s a smart chap. But if you have installed StealthGenie on his phone to spy on cell phone, you can easily set the name of the project, file, presentation, etc. as the trigger word and as soon as the word is used in any SMS, incoming or outgoing, you will instantly get an alert via text message or e-mail. Similarly, if your kid is still in contact with a friend without your consent, you can simply set the number as trigger contact and get a notification whenever a call is made or from that number. Cool, isn’t it? Also, StealthGenie allows you to remotely pause, stop or deactivate any app on the target phone.

What the Genie Does Best?

Apart from the power trigger alerts; there are several features that are bound to impress you. While these features may also be offered by other spying apps, but no one does it like StealthGenie. Other features include:

  • SMS and e-mail record
  • Call recordings
  • Phone surroundings recordings
  • SIM change alerts
  • Web browsing history
  • Geo-tracking and location history logs
  • Multimedia files
  • Remote control panel

Now it’s time to make up your mind whether or not you want to spy on cell phone. Because if you don’t, there are chances that your kids or employees might outfox you!